3 Ways To Make Money Online and 1 Free Bonus

Wow! The World Wide Web. Until I started my own internet marketing campaign I had no idea exactly how big it is. I was confined to my own little niche of checking up on the news, looking for up coming events in my city and occasionally clicking on an ad or two. Never really knowing what was happening when I did this.The world of the internet provides an excellent opportunity for anyone to own their own home business. Whether you are planning on supplementing your income or replacing your income, the opportunity is there. For me it just started as a hobby and now I am replacing my income as a loan officer. This did not happen over night for me but I just kept at it because I enjoy it.There are many different ways to earn money by owning your own home business doing internet marketing and making money online. With some basic information you can also start earning an income from the World Wide Web. Here are some of the most popular and free to inexpensive ways to generate you own income and own a home based business.Google AdSenseThis program connects advertisers to several website owners who are available to offer advertising space on their websites. By allowing Google to place ads on your website gives you an opportunity to earn money online. You will first need to sign up for the Google AdSense program. Then Google will automatically place the ads for you, it’s that simple. Every time someone clicks on an ad you are paid. Be sure to read the details about using AdSense when you sign up. This is a very profitable online money machine.Affiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing is promoting and selling a product for someone else and collecting a referral fee or commission. There are many companies or merchants that offer affiliate programs so you can advertise their product on your website. There are also websites that have a collection of merchants that offer affiliate commissions. It is a win-win situation for you and the merchant. You get a commission from the sale of their product and they get more exposure and sell more units. That is what it’s all about?Writing ArticlesIf you like to write about various topics or something that you are very knowledgeable about then you might also want to sell your articles. You simply write a short article and do a search on the web for article directories. Some of them will not pay you for your information but there are some good ones that will. Mostly your paid submission are being purchased by internet marketers to use as content or in newsletters. They call it outsourcing.Information ProductsAnother way to generate a lot of income is by creating your own information product. This has the potential to really earn you big bucks. Once you have created your product and started to market it, you can also offer an affiliate program to have other marketers promote it for you. You want to generate as much exposure as possible. You will have to pay a commission but there are even online companies that will handle all the transactions for you. In other words you become the merchant and let other people sell you stuff.

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