Monotony of the Security Guard Job

In most cases a security guard fights all shift long with the monotony that comes with his job. Most posts require the same activities all shift long, because the security officer is protecting property that might be vandalized or stolen. There is certainly that it might happen and that is why the client has hired an onsite guard. Nevertheless, most nights and days nothing happens. In those cases it is extremely important not to become complacent, because the original risk why the security officer was hired has not gone down. The security officer and his supervisors have to beware of a false sense of security, because the contingency they were hired to protect against might still happen any minute.Security officers struggle against boredom and sleep all shift long at monotonous posts, therefore supervisors should establish several rules and patterns of behavior. Sensitive spots of the property should be pointed out and should be patrolled several times per hour. That way the guard is moving around constantly. His blood stays in circulation and it is harder for him to fall asleep. Reports should be written throughout the shift. Many officers write their daily activity reports at the end of the shift, which makes it tedious and most of the times inaccurate. The guard will not remember the exact time of his activities at the end of the shift. If he writes notes on his report every hour the report is more accurate and all activities are reported. It also gives the security guard another activity and clients will be able to see that the guard was active all night.Many security companies do not allow any type of electronic equipment to be used during the security guard’s shift. From experience I think that is wrong. It should be determined on a case by case basis if a radio or laptop may distract the officer from his job or actually aid his focus. The security guard should definitely not listen to music on an mp3 player with headphones on, because that will inhibit him from hearing what is going on around him, but listening to music on the radio should not be a problem. Even watching movies on a laptop, reading a book or playing games on the phone should not be disallowed as long as the security officer makes his patrols and follows the post orders.Supervisors should visit the post at random times and not announce their presence. Observing the officer for a couple minutes will have two positive effects. The supervisor will know if the guard is following the post orders and making his patrols and the security officer will be encouraged to do what he is supposed to do, because a supervisor might be watching. As mentioned above electronic equipment might have a positive effect, but the use should be approved by the client. The security consultant or supervisor of the security company should state the positive effects to the client and assure him that the use of equipment is monitored by random visits. The security company should incorporate the client’s decision in the written post orders to avoid any confusion.While the security guard job might be monotonous at times it is the job we have chosen. The client pays us to protect his property. If a security guard cannot deal with boredom by creating positive energy and tasks that will aid in the protection of the property than he is probably in the wrong field. The best policy of addressing issues like that for supervisors is openness and honesty. Customer expectations should be stated and adhered to without exception. If the client is unreasonable than one should either still follow his expectations or let another company try to fulfill them. Luckily most clients are reasonable as long as the security consultant addresses all issues before the post starts.

Debt Relief Services – How Can Debt Relief Networks Help

Have you heard about scam free debt relief services? It seems impossible to get a firm that is purely legal but is very simple. Most of us think that we can find the best companies only if we spend long hours searching on the internet. This is not a fact. Online searching may seem an important way to look for debt relief services but it is not the best way to do it. The easiest way to do this is go through a relief network. Have you heard about relief networks and their services? Loan takers lose all their worries when they hire a firm through these networks.These networks provide the best settlement companies. The following factors will provide more details about this statement.Factor 1The most important factor is the scanning mechanism. Several companies dealing in debt relief services try to join relief networks but only a small percentage is successful. If four firms are competing to join a relief network, only one will be successful. This shows that the maintained standard is very high. Relief networks have two main functions. If you have selected a firm, you can get detailed information about it. For instance, you can have a look at its real professional experience. Usually, settlement companies exaggerate about their experience and provide incorrect information. If they have an experience of one year, they would state it as two or three years.Factor 2The first thing checked by relief networks is that they hire legal companies only. This is the first requirement and you cannot expect illegitimate debt relief services to be available. Relief networks maintain all the updated records of settlement companies for the compatibility of loan takers. If you find a firm which claims to be legal but it not listed with relief networks, it is a scam.Factor 3Price is an important factor and most of us are concerned about the money which we pay. If you want to save the maximum amount of money, you should use online networks to purchase debt relief services. They offer you the cheapest prices for the best settlement firms. If you establish a direct contact with the same firm, you will be paying a much higher sum. This is because when a firm is contacted directly, the firm decides its own prices. In case of online networks, a settlement company does not have the right to quote its own charges.

NLP Anchors: When Disgust Is Useful

I bought some fried chicken yesterday from a local supermarket deli. Got it home, and opened the packaging. Found a chicken wing with battered and fried feathers attached.Disgusting! Obviously, they were missing the big picture on plucking the chicken before you cook it. If you look up the word “grotesque” in the dictionary, this chicken wing could be there. I didn’t even want to touch the thing, but I had to, to toss it into the garbage can. I’m not eating that!! Ick, and yick!In my Neuro-Linguistic Programming work with clients “ick and yick” can be extremely useful. People come into my office wanting to end various behaviors which are beyond their conscious control. People want to stop smoking. People want to stop drinking. People come into my office wanting weight loss, which means, behaviorally, eating less to no sweets: cookies, candy, chocolate, brownies, cupcakes, donuts, ice cream, sugary sodas, french fries, potato chips and other carb-laden, junky processed foods that pack poundage on the body. NLP anchoring can help with all of that! “Ick and yick” find a home.An “anchor” is simply a learned response to a stimulus which has embedded itself in our mind and behaviors. Here’s an example! When I was a kid my mom tried to make me eat liver. It’s a nightmarish recollection. I hate liver. As an adult, I would never choose to eat liver, because it’s horrendously repulsive to me, in looks, taste, smell, in every way invented. My response to the thought of liver is this: “get it away from me! No way in hell is that thing going into my mouth!” Like that chicken wing yesterday.With NLP we can take this feeling of “get it away from me” – capture it, and attach it to anything, where it’s useful to do so. We can attach it to chocolate. To cigarettes. To brownies. We can attach new responses to anything. If you don’t like it, you’re not going to eat it, or smoke it, or drink it. This process is called “aversion” anchoring. It’s another piece of my Neuro-Linguistic Programming client work, and it helps!On the flip side of abhorrence, I also help clients create good feelings to replace cravings, things like calm, happy, joy, satisfied, healthy. When a person is enticed towards something wonderful while simultaneously moving away from something disgusting, now we have a propulsion system of change. This is NLP. Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Generating new responses that are useful and become automated, or unconscious. It’s massively useful in creating new behaviors and achieving personal goals.As a Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist, I use these same tools for my own success. I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight. I took that chicken wing, and captured the revulsion, bottled it and applied it to chocolate brownies (my former weakness). I’m not buying or eating any brownies today. None. Not interested. I’m not eating any brownies tomorrow, either. Nor the next day. When will I want brownies? Possibly never. And I’m OK with that.Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This is called taking control of your life, and it’s a good thing!

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